This medical office reflects the practice that it will serve. Just as the study of hearing and sound is both a technical, cutting edge field, that also embodies the organic intricacy of the human ear, the medical office for Shohet Ear and Associates blends together very innovative contemporary forms with the very natural organic ambiance of the space. An over-sized canted column supports the entry canopy leading one into the office lobby. The reception area is a beautifully constructed internal “hut” of custom wood finishes and glass, with stained beams that hover overhead. As patients enter the central core, which serves as circulation to the exam rooms, a “forest of trees” made of wood fins elegantly rise to the 14’ high ceiling. Furniture-like custom wood cabinets anchor these tree forms, providing doctors with comfortable stations to document their patient exam notes. The color palette and natural materials creates a soothing and calming environment for patients. A canted concrete fountain marks the exterior corner of the project, creating an artistic piece for the street, while also providing a beautiful outdoor waiting and seating area for patients.

Shohet Ear Associates

Seal Beach, CA